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The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot

Pepper is able to function in complex environments thanks to his 3D camera and 2 HD cameras that enable him to identify movements, and recognise the emotions on the faces of his interlocutors. If you are happy, Pepper will share your joy, and if you are sad, Pepper will comfort you.

By perceiving and analysing your emotions, and learning to get to know you, Pepper is able to adapt his attitude to suit your own as closely as possible. This constant dialogue between perception, adaptation, learning and choice is the result of what is known as the emotion engine.

Interacting and interpreting emotions wouldn’t be possible without the 4 directional microphones located on Pepper’s head. They enable him to detect where sounds are coming from and locate your position, while also allowing him to identify the emotions transmitted by your voice.

You will be amazed by the flexibility and fluidity of Pepper‘s movements! His 3 multi-directional wheels enable him to move around freely through 360°, at a maximum speed of 3 km/h. No less than 20 engines (head, arms, back) control his movements with great precision. Lastly, Pepper is equipped with a high capacity lithium-ion battery, giving him approximately 12 hours of autonomy.

Connected directly to the internet, Pepper can keep you up to date with the latest news, the weather forecast, or even help you to find a recipe! Don’t hesitate to chat with him on the subject of your choice.

Pepper uses his tablet to help you make choices, but also to express his own emotions.

Available, get Pepper now in Germany!

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Use Cases


Greeting and welcoming all the people passing by


Pepper can assist you in sales, organization and overall being a helpful colleague


Pepper can recommend your new and most important products


Pepper entertains with dancing, joking, giggling and animating people

Our Services


Looking for Pepper apps or want us to create your’s?


Want to buy a Pepper or need support in any case?


Want to get to know more about robotic market?


Want Pepper to acquire new customers for you?

Our App’s


THE app to shine with Pepper on stages, fairs or events. Simply staging dialogues, controlling animations and reacting spontaneously.


The solution to adapt the content to Pepper at any time, independently and easily. A web based CMS especially for Pepper.


The comprehensive entertainment package for a lot of fun and joy with Pepper. Guarantees more frequency on the robot.

IBM Bluemix/ Watson (coming soon)

Pepper is having intelligent and smart conversations, based on the IBM Bluemix/Watson system


Pepper welcomes your customer and guests in a professional way


Pepper asks your clients and customers for feedback

Navigation (coming soon)

Pepper escorts and moves on its own in a dedicated area

Orientation (coming soon)

Pepper will helping you find places or people

We are hiring:

Python and C++ programmers with experience in computer vision, Nao and/or Pepper

Webdesigner with experience in webdesign and javascript

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